Dear  Customer,


Thank you for the opportunity to participate with you in the world of sensual lingerie. As you know, These Companies have been in business for many years. We continually strive to maintain an image in the marketplace of the highest standard and quality for the entire group of lines that we represent. That is not an easy undertaking in this rough and tumble economic environment. Nonetheless, we believe as manufacturers that our marketing and sales strategies have successfully met our objectives.


One important aspect of our successful sales and marketing plan has been a suggested retail mark-up program based on a keystone price that is at least twice the wholesale price. We believe that the maintenance of that keystone price is critical to the continued success and growth of Each Company and their customers. This policy is also necessary, we believe, in order to achieve the goals of our marketing program and avoid damage to the high quality image associated with our lines.


In carrying out our keystone policy, Each Company has declined to sell to those retailers who fail to abide by our policy and whose sales below the keystone price threatens the high quality brand image associated with Each Company.


Although the keystone pricing policy has been our long-standing policy, we believe it appropriate to remind our customers from time to time about the policy. We are not looking for nor do we seek your agreement with our sales and marketing plan. You may even disagree with our plan, and we respect your right to do so. However, Each Company must do what it believes is best for the marketing and sales of its line. Because this policy has been successful for us as well as our customers we will continue to follow it.



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